Private class with my Good Friend

This month I had a wonderful private class with my good friend Lela. She wanted to make two Fused Glass Tree panels. She had the following examples to choose from.

Here are some of the supplies available for the tree class. She chose different glass colors but the same frit mix..

Here are some pictures from class. Sadly, Lela doesn’t like her picture taken, which I don’t understand because she’s beautiful. She made the hearts and screen-print bases in a previous visit. Her brother passed recently, and she wanted to add cremains to the trees. We thought this would be a beautiful and special. She also picked two pieces of amazing glass.

She did a magnificent job. The hearts look perfect. I wish you could see how truly beautiful they are.

In addition, Lela wanted to have glass pieces with her brother’s name. We also chose a motorcycle and wings and created a screen. I had her do a couple screen prints as practices, but ironically, I didn’t get pictures of her pulling her own. The pieces have her brother’s name but, for privacy I’ve deleted them.

Here are both the sets. One set is for her mom and the other is for her. She’s going to put them together along with photos of her family. I can’t wait until it’s finished, what a special gift for her mom.

I love teaching classes and I especially love making something special for my good friend.

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