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So I’ve been playing with a new fused glass technique, called pressed glass. I tried it years ago from an e-book but I didn’t care for it. Then one of my favorite glass instructors (Tanya Veit) did a video on pressing big pieces and then I watched another video on small presses! It’s funny how that happens. These are two different kiln loads but it shows you how it’s done.

Anyway so I went a bit crazy. It’s a tricky firing schedule and the first couple I created broke in the firing. But instead of tossing it out I tumbled (I’ll talk about that in another post) and wow I love them. The hard part is what to do with them. They are pretty on both sides. I’ll probably drill some and maybe add some decals.

Here are some of my big pieces. Because they are so thin the light comes through and really shows the design. I’m not sure what I will do with these, I love leaving them as are or maybe do some silk screens on them. It’s such a tough choice.

Here are some of the smaller fused glass presses. The top row is the presses. The rest are the presses I added dots and then some I slumped. I haven’t decided what to do with them all but I made a candle shield with one. I might make a couple of pendants out of the ones that are slumped.

I used some of the small presses for night lights / candle shields. The middle one is pressed, the one on the left were fused with the pressed pieces as a tack fuse and the one on the right is the pressed glass added and fused at a higher temp. The only thing about pressing is because of the process it can cause devit so I typically have to sandblast then refire again.

I really like this technique and look forward to deciding how to use my little presses and my big presses. I look forward to hear what you think of this new technique. I’ll also do a post when I decide what to do with my pieces.

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