Pressed Fused Glass Flowers

I love pressed Fused Glass and I have pressed glass several times. I’ve also made small flowers with the pressed fused glass. They are versatile and fun. Here are a couple I’ve made previously; I slumped them and as you can see these are all magnets.

I watched a video by Tabitha the other day and she made pins / brooches with her flowers, and I thought how cool. I’m going to try that. She left hers flat, so I did too, the only difference is I added small, fused glass cabochons on to them. The first two are brooches made with tie tack bases. (Technically they could be tie tacks as well.) The bottom two are fused glass brooches as well the first one has a pin finding and the second one is a combination of brooch or pendant.

Of course, I made some snaps, I wear my fused glass flower a lot, so I thought I’d make some more.

I loved the flowers, so I decided to make fused glass flower stakes. I didn’t want the back to be plain, so I put a small flower on the back of 2 and just a cabochon on the back of the last one.

I made also made some more fused glass flower magnets. One of the cool things about magnets is they can be put on a card and it’s a card (birthday, Mother’s Day, valentines, etc.) and a gift at the same time.

I made some extra pressed glass flowers – now to decide what to do with them, what is your favorite, magnet, pin, brooches, flower snaps, flower stakes, or something else. Let me know.

I realized that my small flat pressed fused glass flowers will also look great as centers of my beautiful large, fused glass flower sculptures, the first two pictures are my flowers normally have i.e., a cabochon, the other four pictures are with my pressed glass flowers as centers.

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