Portland – A mecca for Glass Artist’s

from my last trip to bullseye
Bullseye’s gallery







I’m so excited on the 11th of September, I am going to the mecca of Fused Glass – Portland Oregon!

I am going to take a week-long class at the bullseye. But more than the class it’s self is that it’s not just me but 7 other amazing  fused glass classmates, all from Tanya Veit’s Fused Glass boot-camps. Most of the ladies I know by either taking classes with or through our Facebook groups. The group will also include the one and only Tanya Veit. Basically it’s a class of a lifetime – I am so stoked.

The class portion involves kilnformed glass printing techniques including:

– Relief Print Kilncasting

– Powder Printing

– Enamel Printing

But other than the class we are also going to:

– Bullseye Factory Tour

– Casting our own sheet glass! *so excited about this

– Tour of the home and art glass collection of Bullseye owners

– Bullseye Projects Tour (Formerly Bullseye Gallery

I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. I’ve been to Portland and visited the factory and gallery but I didn’t take a class, make my own glass, or see the owners collection! Plus being with my old friends and Tanya – What a BLAST I’ll have!!

As I mentioned Portland is a mecca for glass artists, beyond bullseye there is also uroboros which is a factory and resource center, similar to bullseye and creates both 90 and 96 COE glass. Additionally there are several smaller glass facilities that I’m hoping to visit including glass blowing, flameworking, and of course fusing.

Trust me I’ll be blogging about my experiences all month. I just couldn’t help but write this blog early!!

Keeping my Kilns warm,



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