Playing Tourist in Denver

When I take a glass class in other locations I typically do some touristy things as well.  For Instance: When I took a class with Amanda Taylor in NY with my friends I went to Niagra Falls and Corning. When I took my classes with Bob Leatherbarrow in Salt Springs Island Canada I drove around the Island and saw the beauty of this small Island. When I go to California to take classes from Laurie Spray I visit Santa Cruz.

But when I go to D&L, in Denver, I typically just bring glass as work in the hotel room. However, during my class with Miriam she wanted to go to the Denver Botanical Gardens and the Denver Art Museum. So about 1/2 the students went with her. I’m so glad I did. First even though we’ve had some really bad weather it was still beautiful. Of course we got to see Chihuly’s piece. But we also just walked  walked the gardens and had fun. 

Afterwards we went to the Denver Art Museum. I loved how Miriam looked at things so differently. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s Argentina or that she lives in Italy but it’s fascinating.  Here are just a couple pictures. My favorite is the first two, it’s a huge sculpture of tiny pictures (the 2nd picture), it just made me think of glass. I just loved it. Ironically all of my favorite pieces where glass or made me think of glass, go figure.

I enjoyed these trips so much I think I’m going to try to do one “touristy” trip while I’m in Denver next time.  Of course I must admit, one will probably be the gardens again. I loved it! Sometimes you have to act like a tourist in your own town.

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