Picking up the Fused Glass pieces

During a recent show one of my great customers who had bought one of my beautiful fused glass aspens came back with a bag. Inside the bag was the broken aspen. She told me that the aspen was on a shelf and got knocked to the floor.

Anytime someone buys a larger piece of fused glass artwork I remind them that it’s glass and therefore refusible. I tell them to just bring the pieces back and I’ll do something with it.

I was expecting there to be some pieces I could either make a small dish, nightlight, etc. Albeit, in this case and because it was an aspen it wasn’t that easy. I couldn’t find a piece good enough to make something really nice. But because it was such a big piece I am able to try make 2 fused glass pieces out of the remains.

The first refused piece I’m going to try is where I lay the broken pieces out on the kiln shelf and to ensure its all connected I laid clear pieces on top. I’m going to take this to a very high temperature probably about 1480 for about 20 mins. So it should all fuse together. It won’t be perfectly round but I think it will turn out pretty cool. It will take a while to fuse, probably about 24-36 hrs.

Once it’s done I’ll show you what it looks like then depending on how it looks depends on what I do next. I could coldwork it (i.e., cut it into a square or circle) or I could leave it in it’s organic shape. Then I can shape it, by either draping it over a mold or I can slump it into a mold. Of course I won’t know until it’s done. That’s the best thing about glass it’s so versatile.

The second piece I’m going to try is a screen melt, but I’ll discuss it in another blog. Meanwhile here is a picture of the first piece before it’s fired. I’ll do another blog when it’s finished.


aspen pieces






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