Our trip to Westcliffe, CO

For those who follow my posts and Newsletters, you know my husband I bought a beautiful piece of land or what I refer to as my little piece of heaven. We try to go to Westcliffe once a month. This month when we went our mountains were blacked out by smoke. We have several fires in Colorado, in fact one is on grizzly creek trail which we walk when we were in Glenwood Springs last month. Thank God, no one has died and no homes have been lost in Grizzly Creek Fire (not true for California). It makes me so sad to think of the of the loss of all those beautiful trees.

When we go to Westcliffe there are some things we always do. For example always go to the bakery, it’s so delicious and they are so very friendly. We also always go to the Bluff, the park at the end of town. So many beautiful flowers. You can see in the pictures of the mountains there is a lot of smoke.

Of course we always go to the property and sit. As I was sitting there I closed my eyes and felt the sun on my face and the wind in against my skin. I listened to the bugs and the birds and I smelled the trees. Even though I couldn’t see the mountains I watched a bird catching the wind. I realized Westcliffe is not just a feast for my senses but for my mind as well, it brings me such tranquility and joy. The picture on the left is our view (you can barely see our mountains) and the one on the right is from the bottom of the property looking up. Funny story, as you can see Dan and I are both wearing beautiful bright colors. As we were sitting there, a hummingbird flew by us and landed on a tree near by. It’s like it was looking at us going, damn I thought they were flowers but they aren’t! It was so cute.

We also drove around the hills to look for animal and flowers. God I love Westcliffe, it never goes old, I’m so happy when I’m there. We also drove to Rosita, and went to the cemetery, it was built in 1870 and was quite fascinating! The graves were in with the trees.

We also like to do something new when we go to Westcliffe. This time we took CR 305 and drove over the mountain. What a beautiful drive. I love all the wildflowers, the hills, the free range cattle, the forests, and the streams.

I am so blessed, I love Colorado and I LOVE AMERICA!

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