Other Fused Glass Techniques

There were other fused glass techniques I learned from Tanya that I won’t be doing blogs about this month.

The first time I did fused glass tapestry was with Tanya, as art. The one on the left is the one I learned at Tanya’s and the second one I learn with David Alcala (the original artist). When I took the class from Tanya she told us all we needed to take it from David so I want to write about David’s techniques. I wrote a blog about David when I first took his class. He also put out a few videos that I want to include. Sadly he has since past away, such a sad lost to the glass community.







In the second big boot camp Tanya taught us fused glass drop vases. I love drop vases. I’ve written about them several times and in March I’m going to try a drop vase that I’ve never done before. Anyway since I’ve talked about them so many times I thought I’d leave it out of this months blogs.







Tanya also had us make several design sheets and wafers, I’ll be covering wafers when I do my month on Bob Leatherbarrow and I’ll probably do a DYK  or month on design sheets so I thought I’d leave that one for another time as well.







Another fused glass technique we did in class was the box, but I’ll be honest I couldn’t figure it out and I don’t want to just wing it until I have more time to play with this technique.







We also made a fused glass flow piece, again I want to take more time with it so I’ll wait until another time to redo this fused glass technique.







I hope you have enjoyed my month of Big Tanya Fused Glass Techniques! Here is a picture from my 1st and 2nd boot-camp classes! Can you tell how much fun we’re having??






I’ll also be doing two more months about techniques from Tanya. One will be focused on Jewelry techniques from class and DVD’s and the second will focused on Tanya’s free videos.

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Keeping my Kiln warm,



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