Ornaments and Magnets for Mission Wolf

In July I visited Mission Wolf and donated fused glass and screen-printed ornaments for them to sell and help their mission of rescuing wolves. Here are some of my donations from July.

In July we also visited Mission Wolf to deliver the donations and during our visit to Westcliffe. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that trip. I’m so not a photogenic person, but I love our visit with Zeab & Rosie. It was wonderful to be so close to these lovely creatures. Rosie is the white one and Zeab is the grey.

Last month, I received an email from Mission Wolf asking if I still wanted to donate and I responded with a resounding YES! They asked for ornaments and magnets, big surprise I went a little nuts. Here are the fused glass magnets I made for them – 32 in total. The middle picture is screen printed and the outer two pictures are decals.

They also asked me for the wooden ornaments, all screen-printed and sealed front and back. I created 25 in all! I added little fused glass donuts to the majority of them. I also left three ornaments without glass donuts because the loops were too small.

I left the backs blank for three reasons, first because with screen-printing I didn’t want to wait for the ink to dry and then try to get the back screen print just perfect. Second is this way they can write whatever they want to the back. Third as you can see what I wrote on the back of one of them with just a sharpie, my penmanship is that of a 1st grader.

I also donated some fused glass pendants with wolf decals. I don’t know if they will want them, but I just couldn’t help myself. It was really difficult not to keep any of these. I think if I would have put a snap on them, they’d all be in my jewelry box! I also made them 2 fused glass ornaments (picture on the left). BTW when I dropped them off, they said they loved the idea of pendants.

When we went they weren’t open for visitors but we did get a chance to see Rosie and Zeab. They are so beautiful with their winter coats.

Again, here is the Mission Wolf education center and store. It’s a beautiful facility and operated by wonderful people.

Please look for my fused glass pieces when you visit Mission Wolf and purchase my handmade pieces to remember your visit and to support the Mission Wolf Sanctuary. Here are a couple of pictures of when I dropped off my donations this weekend, such a beautiful place.

Here are a few more pictures on our out – look into the trees.

As I said in my last post, I urge you to support Mission Wolf, they operate on volunteers and donations. I know that I will continue to support them.

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