November – Fused Glass Fresh From the Kiln

Nov fresh from the kiln






I’ve had several items fresh from the kiln however, most of them are items my customers know and love, mainly my aspens! Instead of showing them again I thought I’d show you another fused glass artwork  that is more abstract. I think of it as my earth sculpture. It’s a screen melt that is just beautiful and about 1/2 an inch thick. I’m not sure if you can truly see how beautiful it is. I also added little dichroic dots to give it even more character.

A screen melt is created by placing glass on top of a screen or a mold with lots of holes, then taking that up to 1700 degrees until it all melts through into a stainless steel ring lined with fiber paper (so it won’t stick). It takes about two days to fire then I coldworked it with pads and refired it to give it a smoother edge.

I think it’s pretty amazing and I look forward to hearing what you think.

Keeping my Kiln Warm,


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