New Fused Glass Vases

Recently I added bases to a few more of my fused glass vases. I’ve done this before and I just think the bases add something to some vases. Here are a few of my older fused glass vases that I added bases too and have posted about before.

This new fused glass amber vase is a drop vase, but instead of cutting off the ring I left it then added a matching base. Very cool.

In case you don’t remember what a drop vase it is and what I normally do with them i.e., cutting off the rim, here are a few.

This is another drop vase, but it reminded me of a flower so I added a complimentary green base that gives the illusion of the ground or leaves. I really love this one, look at those beautiful colors.

These next few are what they call handkerchief vases, however I changed the shape of the vases. The first vase is green & blue, so I added a blue base to draw out the blue in the vase. Doesn’t this one remind you of coral? LOVE it.

This fused glass vase is a bit different and I didn’t add a base, but I did add bumpers. I have some other ideas to do in this technique. What’s your view on this fused glass base.

This fused glass vase is a bit thick and dark so I wanted to add a lighter base. Who doesn’t love purple. Truly a unique vase.

This fused glass vase is quite tall and because it’s clear, red, and orange I didn’t want to detracted by adding a colored base so I just added a clear base – isn’t it beautiful.

This is one of my favorite vases and I must admit I’ve shown it before. I just love how organic it is and how unique it is. I should make another one in blue or purple.

I can’t wait to make some more fused glass vases. Which one is your favorite?

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