New Fused Glass Pot-melts

In December I made fused glass pot-melts with my good friend Tracy. I enjoyed making them so much I made some more. Here they are in the kiln, I used a similar setup that Tracy and I used.

Here they are, after fusing. I like seeing the pots with the glass in the bottom. Just like with Tracy not the pots filled the stainless-steel molds.

Here they are again, I think they turned out great.

They look even better without the molds.

I cleaned them all up, they are all so pretty.

I so love this one, look at the detail. Again, for right now I think I’ll keep it as a sculpture. That being said if someone wants it slumped, I can do that.

This is a lovely piece, yellow, orange, and red. I’m leaving it as a sculpture for now because it’s just so pretty on both sides.

I cut this beautiful blue one into a new shape. I decide to keep it as a sculpture, but it would easily slump into a pretty dish as well.

I love this piece, it’s so springish. It’s similar to the one I made with Tracy so instead of slumping I’m leaving it as a sculpture.

Since I left the first green one as a sculpture, I decided to slump this one. Isn’t it beautiful. I really like the design.

This one I decided to cut up. I made different two pieces – I love these pieces, what do you think of them?

This one is pretty thick, so I cut it up and then used the stack technique and made the dish, isn’t it pretty. I have some glass left over so who knows what I’ll do with it.

I cut up the red one I made with Tracy and this is what I made from 1 of the pieces.

I also used a piece of the pot melt from another one of the pieces I made with Tracy, I’m very happy all these beautiful pieces and will make some more soon.

So which color is your favorite? What style is your favorite? I am in love with all of them.

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Keeping my kilns warm,


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