My visit to Korea

I mentioned I took a new job in July and this month I took my first trip to Korea in years. It was a work trip, so I didn’t have a lot of time to sightsee, but I did get to shop a bit. Below are some pictures of my hotel room and the roof garden, as well as the city from the roof top.

The pictures below are from our driving around, some of the architecture is beautiful. The roads are so narrow, and they are two ways. The first time we turned down a road and saw vehicles coming from the other direction we were shocked, but the rule is if you can get over then you do. It’s amazing how courteous the Korea drivers are.

I really enjoyed walking around so many shops and the restaurants were fabulous. I so enjoyed everything we ate. I also enjoyed drinks Soju.

I did a bit of shopping as well, here are a couple things I bought while I was there. The first is a jewelry box, the blanket is so soft, and the biggest item I bought is a handmade custom coat. I needed a warm coat and really love it.

I’m sure this is only my first trip to Korea. I hope the next time I go I get a chance to do some additional sight-seeing. I’ll let you know when I make my next trip.

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