My Trip To New York

I just finished a 10 day wonderful trip to New York.  Other than not having my husband and daughter with me the trip couldn’t have been any better.  I flew into Buffalo, New York because my Fused Glass class was in Batavia, New York.  My class didn’t start until the 6th of May, but I thought I’d arrive early so I could make a few side trips.

When I got to Batavia, I stayed at the Hampton Inn and it was pretty nice and had a good breakfast! For Dinner I went Sunny’s Restaurant. What a fun place! It was kind of reminiscent of the 70’s. The food was good and the service outstanding. They even had a dance floor. The next day my girlfriends (Julie & Pam) and I agreed to meet at the Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG). It was about an hour and 45 minutes drive, but it was such beautiful drive it wasn’t a difficult Drive.  This was my first time to New York and I didn’t realize how rural parts of New York is.  Truly beautiful!

The CMOG was founded in 1951 dedicated to GLASS! Needless to say I was in heaven!!  I’ll talk about it more in my next blog.  First I want to talk about my friends I took the class with. Melinda, Julie, and Pam are wonderful and talented ladies and I have taken many Glass classes with these amazing ladies.

fused glass partners
My Glass Sisters Melinda, Me, Julie, and Pam









This was my first fused glass class with with Pam and Julie and this was the second fused glass class I had with Diane!

Fused Glass Bootcamp
1st Bootcamp with Pam and Julie









Here is another Bootcamp where we got to meet Melinda, but we talked to her on facebook for months!

Fused Glass bootcamp
2nd or 3rd fused glass bootcamp with Julie and Pam (and Diane) All at AAE Glass










Then of course was our fused glass trip to Bullseye in Portland, you can see all 3 of us there.

Fused Glass
Bullseye Fused Glass Master Class









In addition, to the fused glass bootcamps I’ve also taken fused glass classes with them each individually.

Julie and I took a fused glass class in St Charles, Missouri with Lisa Becker. Pam and I took a fused glass class in Denver with Patty Gray.  And of course Melinda and I have taken two fused glass classes with Bob Leatherbarrow in Canada!

As I’ve mentioned several times I love taking fused glass classes and they are even much better when I take them with talented and fabulous women!!

My Next Fused Glass Blog will be about CMOG, it is a wonderful place and if you get a chance you should definitely go!!

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