My Trip to London – Part 1 Glass

This month I was able to go to London for work. Yes I am very lucky to have a job that allows me to travel. Anytime I travel if I have the opportunity I always try to look at glass. One of my friends suggested I go to the Vessel Gallery while I was in London. I did and I’m so glad I did, such beautiful glass. Here are just a couple of shots of the Vessel Gallery.

Another place I was able to see glass is the London Glassblowing gallery. Again, what amazing glass art. They were also blowing some glass. The last time I went to London I also visited the London Glassblowing gallery, I’m so glad I went back because there are so many new glass art pieces.

Another place I went while I was in London to see glass was Harrods. I’ve been to London numerous times but this was my first time going to Harrods. First I was amazed, Harrods is so huge! Harrods had a flower shop, a tea shop, cafes, candy shops, food shops, glass shops, and an ice cream parlor. Here are some of the amazing casted glass (most of which is lead glass).

I really loved seeing such amazing glass. What a great inspiration for me as a glass artist.

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