My Niagra Falls Trip

I typically don’t blog about thing other than glass however, I really enjoyed my trip to New York including my visit to Niagra Falls.  After Corning I drove back up to Batavia and my hotel. I got up relatively early and drove the hour to Niagra Falls. Pam and Julie drove up the night before and had a great hotel room that you could see the falls from their observation floor.








Then we walked down to get on the boat. It’s a definite must for anyone going to Niagra Falls. We got really wet, but it was so beautiful!
















After the boat we walked over to Goat’s island and the 3 sisters.  The entire area is just so pretty. I’m so glad we went.  If you get a chance to go I’d totally recommend it.















I think my trip to NY will change how I schedule my glass trips. Typically I arrive the day before and leave the day after and don’t have time to do much else other than glass. I changed it up a bit with my trip to Canada, but my trip to NY I had even more time to see the sites. The exception is since I had a business trip (what we call TDY – Temporary Duty) starting before my class even ended, I didn’t have a lot of time to site see after class.

Being with the girls we talked about our next trips. I probably won’t have much time next year for big glass trips, because I want to see my son in San Francisco and my Mom in Texas. Luckily for me there are glass artists in both places that I’ve been wanting to visit and take classes so that’s probably it for me next year other than Denver. Funny after every glass trip I automatically start thinking about the next one.

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