My Mom’s Gift

Last Month I wrote a post about a gift I made for my mom for Mother’s Day. When I shipped it to my sister so she could give it to my mom it was in 4 different pieces. I wrapped it really good, so I was devastated, by the loss. I really loved this piece. No pun intended; it broke my heart to see it ruined.

I made momma a new fused glass wave. I must admit I love this one even more. Isn’t it beautiful? I added millefiori and vitrigraph and of course pictures of my mom with each of her children.

I also made some more magnets. Some with Mzia and some with Sky. I never get tired of making photo magnets.

I really hope this one doesn’t get broken when I send it to my mom. I’ve asked my sister to send me the broken pieces back. I hope she does. Momma received her gift unbroken, here are some pictures of her with it. I’m so glad she liked it.

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Keeping my kilns warm,



  1. Janet Dobrzyn says:

    I loved the picture fused galas thing you did for your mother. It was so meaningful. I wish I could something like that for my mom, but she is gone now. when I saw your mom in bed holding it, she reminded me so much of my mom. I have several picture of her in bed. What a delightful thing to do. I will consider it for another family member.

    • Thank you for your kind words. When it was finished and I looked at my mom with each of her kids it literally made me cry. My mom has been in a nursing home for the last few years and I just wanted to give her something that would mean something to her. Thank you for recognizing the importance to her and to me.

      Are you a fuser? This piece was time consuming but a labor of love isn’t labor at all.


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