My Grandbaby on Fused Glass

Anyone who follows my newsletter knows my amazing son and his girlfriend had a beautiful daughter on the 1st of January, Mzia is my first grandbaby. From the moment David told me I was ecstatic. Madi and I were actually in town when she was born and got to see her while she was still in the hospital. I’m in heaven. She’s so beautiful and seeing David with her just brings tears to my eyes. Anyway, I made some fused glass with her pictures. I just love looking at her beautiful face.

So this first one shows David and Alisa on the blue one, the pink one shows Alisa and Mzia, and the white one is David and Mzia. I like this one because it shows different pictures of Mzia, David, and Alisa.






This next one is an awesome one, it has four pictures and they are all put together so they are standing. The first one is Mzia and Me, Madi and Mzia – the second one is Mzia and Alisa, Mzia and David. I love this one. I think this is the one I’m going to keep and maybe the first one is for David.






This Fused Glass self standing display is of Mzia and Me. I think I’ll add something to the white spots. I really like this one. This one is so mine!!






I also made fused glass magnets. I really like magnets, perfect for work and for the refrigerator.






I love making custom fused glass. I can never have enough pictures of my children and now my beautiful granddaughter! Yep I’ll be making more of them.

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Keeping my Kiln warm,


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