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One thing about me is I like to check a place out before I truly commit. I did that with Leslie (of course it only took me minutes to decide she was amazing), I did that with Aquila, and I did that with Live, Love, Laugh glass. Live, Love, Laugh glass is a mixed studio and they teach fused glass, glass blowing, welding, ceramics, and painting. The fusing is basic as is the ceramics and painting. But what I really liked was the glass blowing. The first time I went I was able to watch through a viewing room into the glass blowing area and I must say I was very impressed. A large, nicely arranged, and equipped glass blowing area. I couldn’t hear but the instructor seemed very patient and really let the “students” participate as much as possible. It was mesmerizing to watch. Needless to say I was so happy I had booked a session for myself and wished I would have booked two!


glass blowing
she’s adding the frit to make her pumpkin







The store was also very nice, they had some amazing blown glass pieces including flowers, dishes, balls, garden art, hummingbirds, pumpkins, etc. I bought a flower for my daughter and a little plane for my pilot husband.

Obviously this was not the first time I’ve watch glass blowing albeit when I watched glass blowing in the Germany, specifically the Black Forest, there seemed to be a lot more blowing. But then again it was a big vase – maybe that’s the reason. Either way I love to watch experts blow glass and getting to participate is a dream come true.

So when I went back for my class, I was lucky enough to take Kate with me. What fun we had! There were 5 of us in the class and Steven was the instructor. He was so patient and really knew what he was doing. Three of the ladies made these adorable pumpkins, Kate made a round ball sun-catcher, and I made a round garden gazing ball. BTW I will NOT be putting it outside it is way to beautiful! I’ll be putting it in a pot or vase so I can’t look at it inside! Anyway, I chose a red, blue, and purple combination (to represent my husband, daughter, and me).

Kate and I got to watch the 3 other ladies make their pumpkins, they were just so cute! Then it was my turn! Steven just walks you through each step, focused on safety but still a lot of involvement and again very patient. We got to roll it in the frit, warm it in the glory hole, shape it from the bench, blow into it through a tube (cleaned between participants), twist parts of the glass with tweezers (long stainless steel ones), and then break it from the metal rod with a wood paddle!

glass blowing
getting the glass ready







glass blowing
wetting and rolling the globe
glass blowing
working in the glory hole, constantly turning
glass blowing
Not a lot of blowing but there was a little, He’s working it the same time
Glass Blowing
evil look I wonder what I was thinking. Maybe what a great spanking tool this would make. Probably not since we never spanked Madi. 🙂
I’m breaking the punti off the blub.
I’m heating it up to close to even out where the punti was
glass blowing
He put the copper rod and it’s almost done















After I had my fun Kate took a turn. Her sun

-catcher was similar to mine so she did basically the same except at the end he put a copper rod on mine and we twisted some petals on the base of hide a little of the copper rod and she got to add a curly Q on top so her sun-catcher would hang.


I must admit, it was a blast and if I ever go back to Portland I would so go back and do it again. So so so much fun! And of course what made it even more fun was doing it with Kate!

Glass Blowing
Me, Steve, & Kate
glass blowing
my finished blown glass globe










What a great way to end my glass week!

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