My Fusing class with Patty Gray

As I’ve mentioned several times I love learning new techniques in fused glass. One fused glass instructor that has been on my list since I began fusing, is Patty Gray. I was lucky enough to attend her 3 day workshop in Denver and what made it even better is one of my good friends, Pam was able to attend as well.  Patty is a great instructor and more importantly she is very kind and giving person and teacher.  She explained several techniques in fused glass.

Me and Patty







Then we were able to create a myriad of fused glass pieces, several of which were techniques I’ve never done before.  Additionally I got to use several tools and molds I’ve never used before.

fused glass
just some of the fused glass pieces I made in class
Fused glass
these are glass parts so to speak, vitrigraph, murrine, and a pattern bar (that I will cut up)









I also got to make some vitrigraph, I’ve done this before but it’s always fun. Vitrigraph is basically when hot molten glass is coming out of the bottom of a kiln and you can manipulate it. It was a lot of fun.

Patty demoing vitrigraph








But the most fun part I must say is the combing of the glass. It’s when you reach into a hot hot hot kiln with a stainless steel rod and manipulate the glass. Here is a picture of mine.

my fused glass combing
my fused glass combing
Patty demoing Combing







I just think it’s so fascinating to be able to manipulate the glass then have it harden back into a solid. So very cool.

When I pick up the rest of my fused glass pieces I’ll do another blog. Since they are in Denver and I’m in Colorado Springs it may take me a little bit but I’m very happy I took the class and can’t wait to cut up my pattern bar and murrine. The one thing I have to remember is I used 96 COE and not my normal Bullseye glass so I’ll have to be careful of how I use them.

I have my next show on Saturday so I hope to see ya’ll there.

Keeping my kiln warm,




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