My Fused Glass is in a Wonderful Store in Denver

During my shows I’m always asked if I have my fused glass in any stores. The answer is yes. I have some of my work in a wonderful little shop in Denver called Tulip – Exquisite gifts / fantastic finds. This is a wonderful little shop and has a myriad of different artists including: JEWELRY / POTTERY / MOSAICS / FUSED GLASS / CANDLES / ACCESSORIES / GIFTS / HOME DECOR.tulip






I have some of my fused glass jewelry, bowls, Aspens, and artwork. In addition, to my fused glass they have so many other beautiful things. In fact, I bought a cup for me and a painting for my in-laws.


some of my beautiful fused glass
my fused glass
my fused glass
Some of my Fused Glass Jewelry










If you are in Denver, please stop by and say hi to Sharon and check out this wonderful store.










PS Don’t forget I’ll be at the Smoke Hills HS craft show on Saturday 7 Nov, in Aurora so come out and visit me.

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