My first hands on Fused Glass Painting Class

I’ve always found glass painting fascinating and I’ve watched countless videos but I have always wanted to take a class. I just learn better with hands on. Next year I am taking a class with Mark Hufford (a great glass painter). During one of my many conversations with Mark he mentioned Shelley Long (another fabulous painter) who lives in Colorado. So on Saturday I took a class with Shelly at the Glass Warehouse owned and operated by Connie. BTW Glass Warehouse will be closing after close to 30 years, it’s so sad so many great glass places are closing.

Shelley & me (did I tell you I’m horrible at selfies)








I really enjoyed taking this fused glass painting class with Shelley. First she’s very talented and extremely giving. She not only demonstrated each step she made sure we all understood and were doing the steps correctly. The other thing I liked about the class is that she explained how to use the various types of products from colors for earth.

I had my doubts about my abilities but Shelley taught us a wonderful way no matter what our skill levels.

This is after my first fusing, I think it’s pretty awesome. I have one bubble where the pine cone and acorn meet but I still love it. Plus I’ll be honest I found it extremely relaxing.

fused glass
My first hand painted fused glass piece Needless to say this one is mine!












It’s actually 2 layers and I really like the depth of the piece and can’t wait to do it again. This is really just the start I think.

This is the top layer and there was another for the bottom









I can’t wait to make more painted fused glass for my sites and and hopefully a few more for my shows.

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