My first Fused glass teacher

I love taking fused glass classes and learning new techniques. But I’ll never forget my first fused glass instructor. Her name is Coral, from full spectrum, here in Colorado Springs. I wrote about her several years ago, but I want to write about her again.










A month or so ago I went over to her shop to pick up some glass and we just sat there and talked for 2 hrs. It was like old times. Coral is an amazing teacher and fabulous friend. While I was there I mentioned she should do an advanced class for some of her advance students including me.

Then Friday I went back to pick up some more glass and we sat and talked some more. I told her how busy I am but that I would love to take some time just to play. She said she felt the same way and we agreed to have fused glass dates once a month.

Our first date is 4 Sep and I can’t wait. She came up with some great options and I’m looking forward to spending time with an amazing glass artist and friend.

I’ll make sure I blog about our adventures. It’s so wonderful to share my love of glass with someone else that loves it as much as I do.

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