My Family Reunion

In 2019 before covid we had a fabulous family reunion. My mom is in a nursing facility, so we try to have them every two years at most. Here are some of my pictures. The far right are my brothers and sisters with my momma (7 out of 10 isn’t too bad).

I always bring fused glass for my family. Typically, it’s pendants but this time I brought pendants, small dishes, stirrers, flower stakes, and even a few magnets. It made me feel so good that everyone liked them. Here are some pictures of everyone picking out their pieces and a few shots of what I brought for them to choose from.

I love my family and I really loved how we had my mom, cousins, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and even grand nieces and nephews at the reunion. Here are some more pictures of the reunion and visits from momma. *I should note, my baby brother Freddie goes by Fred, but I just refuse to change what I’ve called him for over 50 years. * BTW my nieces are the ones that did all the work for this reunion – Thank you for a wonderful event.

We do this funny type of photo during each reunion; we pretend to choke each other. Why do we do this? Years ago, one of my brothers said he didn’t want to go because we always fight. So, we took a picture to show him he was right no we do it all the time. This one was a small grouping (Ron had already left), but I still enjoy doing them.

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