My Extreme Fused Glass 2 Class

"Tan-Cala" Fused Glass technique
“Tan-Cala” Fused Glass technique
surface texture fused glass technique
surface texture fused glass technique
high-temp casting melt ( pot melt) fused glass technique
high-temp casting melt ( pot melt) fused glass technique








In my last blog, I told you about my first experience with a fused glass class with Tanya Veit (from AAE). I just fell in love with her personality and her incredible talent for fused glass and teaching so when she offered Extreme Fused Glass 2, I jumped at the opportunity to take that class as well.

Extreme Fused Glass 2 was an intense 3 day workshop with new EXTREME fused glass techniques. During this workshop I also met Diane (a special/talented person, artist, and friend), who I’ll mention several times in the future Blogs. Taking Extreme 2 was even more amazing than Extreme 1 and it was at AAE’s new Cape Coral Studio – a spectacular place for a spectacular studio.

Extreme Fused Glass 2 included surface textures in glass, “Tan-Cala” technique, high-temp casting melts, etc.   You may not think that sounds like a lot but trust me it is. I loved this class. Again my mind was overwhelmed with the possibilities of these fused glass techniques. We had a wonderful time and I still use and love these fused glass techniques constantly!

Sadly it was another year before I could take another actual fused glass workshop with Tanya, so I also took a Tanya webinar showcasing the Picasso & cream techniques (previous blog). I know what you are thinking “didn’t you take those in Extreme Fused Glass 1?” Yes I did and I still learned so much – that I watched it twice back to back!  I need to watch it again so I can make a few more for my upcoming Christmas shows.

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