My Custom Quilt from My Cousin is finally Hung

I’ve been chronicling my exchange of fused glass for a custom quilt with my cousin. I received it a month or so ago, albeit I didn’t have any way to hang it.

At the recommendation by my cousin, I bought custom wooden hangers for both top and bottom of my quilt.

As a reminder I made my cousin several fused glass dishes. I’m glad I made her so many fused glass pieces. I still think I got the better end of the exchange; I love my quilt!!

Dan and I decided the best way to show off this exquisite quilt was to hang it in our bedroom in Westcliffe. I love the American Bald Eagle and the chevrons – they remind me of the Air Force chevrons which I wore for 22 years and of course the beautiful mountains. I’m so glad we hung the beautiful quilt in such a perfect place.

Speaking of hanging artwork, I bought a print of the Sangre Mountains with the names. I had it framed and now it’s hanging prominently in our home. I so love it! BTW do you see the gourd I got from Merle? It’s so beautiful.

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Keeping my kilns warm,


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