My Big Gigantic Fused Glass Kiln

Evenheat pro 41
gigantic fused glass kiln


Exciting news on Wednesday, I got a new Fused Glass kiln!

It’s the Evenheat pro 41. It’s a beautiful kiln, but it took quite a while to it hook up. The pictures for installation were so small, we had to ask our daughter to tell us what they were showing. In addition, there should have been more detailed instructions for setup. Then of course the jack in the wall was upside down so my amazing husband turned it right side up.

All, that being said we made it and I did the burnout as recommended. Then I did a test to see what a good full fuse temp is. I used the preset firing schedule and it turned out perfect. So I’ve got my first real full fused glass batch in my brand new kiln. Yeah!!!

There are several things I like about the kiln. First of course is how big it is, now I have 39×22 inches of kiln shelf. My current kilns have only 13×14 inches and the other one is 6 inch square. Secondly in addition to the horizontal space and there is the 13 inches vertical space; my current kiln only has 6 inches!

So what does that mean for my customers? Well first now I’m able to do larger quantity commercial orders much more quickly! Second is I’ll be able to make fused glass pieces bigger than I used too. Third I’ll be able to make much taller pieces. Forth I’ll be able to fire several more pieces simultaneously!!

It’s funny I’ve brought several molds bigger than my medium kiln now they will all be able to fit into my gigantic kiln! I’m so so excited!

Keeping all 3 of my kilns warm!!

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