My 3rd trip to Korea

I went to Korea again this month for work. I was pretty busy with work, so I didn’t get to do any site-seeing this time. We always stay at the same hotel, and they are just so nice and look at the spread for breakfast. Here are a few pictures from the hotel and around town.

Since I was so busy I didn’t have a lot of time, so I focused on me. The first thing I did was to get a pedicure. She did a great job!

Then I got a massage, it was wonderful. She was the perfect combination of deep tissue and normal massage. I will definitely go back next time I visit Korea.

Lastly I went to visit fishies, I did it once in Israel and I’ve wanted to do it again. They are called Doctor Fish (Garra rufa) they eat the dead skin off your feet revealing smooth and callous-free skin.

The night before we fly out, we stay in Seoul by the Airport, I stayed at a new hotel and it was pretty nice. Great Dinner and Breakfast Buffets.

I go back again later this summer. I think I’ll do the same things, it’s always great to pamper yourself.

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