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Hello my name is Karen and I’m addicted to glass and I believe it’s the best medium to work with. I’m sure that most of you know how I feel about glass already. Glass is amazing, it’s so versatile and beautiful and I just truly love it. I never get tired of looking at glass, making glass, reading about glass, thinking about glass, etc.

Anyway I got distracted off topic a bit. I was reading an article the other day called “Humankind’s Most important Material” in the Atlantic. It was a fascinating article and made me think about glass in a different way.

Because I’m an artist I look at glass with artistic eyes. This article not only provided a bit of history about glass but discussed how different the world would be without glass. Simple things like a mirror, think about it until mirrors were created (with glass) people only saw distorted images of themselves. What about microscopes and telescopes – where would we be without them (both made with glass)? It’s funny how I think about glass all the time but I never really thought about how glass is used besides beautiful artwork i.e., glasses, tv’s, phones, mirrors, and so many more everyday items.

So yes, in my opinion Glass is the most important material to humankind. What’s your view and why?

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