More than another Great Fused Glass Artist

I am so blessed to know so many amazing artists. Yesterday, I met an incredible fused glass, stain glass, and mold artist, his name is Paul Hathcoat. He has been a stain glass and a fused glass artist for over 30 years. Sadly he is going out of business after 30 years of dedication to glass art. Part of the reason for Paul leaving the business, is as we all have recognized and experienced is the lack consumers willing to pay for real handmade artwork vs glass made in China. It’s so sad to me that we are losing so many great artist because of this reason.

Paul’s artistry goes further than creating beautiful fused glass, he creates his own molds from refractory material. They are made by hand, with just a few of each design, not by the hundreds. Because these molds are created for fused glass they are beyond beautiful they are organic and perfect.


Some of Paul's handmade molds and texture plates
Some of Paul’s handmade molds and texture plates







I was lucky enough to buy several of Paul’s custom handmade molds. If you are a fused glass artist and would like one of these limited edition handmade molds please email me at ( and I’ll forward your information to Paul. He will be closing his studio by the end of June or first of July so, please contact Paul or me ASAP for this once in a life time opportunity to have molds with character!


A handmade texture mold created by Paul
A handmade texture mold created by Paul
A handmade texture mold created by Paul
A handmade texture mold created by Paul
A handmade bowl mold created by Paul
A handmade bowl mold created by Paul













As if all that wasn’t enough, Paul also took the time to explain how he did some of his beautiful pieces. What a kind, generous, and talented artist he truly is. Again please, if you are in Colorado and are a fused glass artist that loves molds as much as I do please make arrangements to stop by and look at and buy some of Paul’s amazing molds. If you aren’t in Colorado, I think he’d be willing to ship with you paying the shipping. Even with shipping this is an amazing opportunity, to buy some very unique handmade molds. He also has some high quality stainless steel molds.


I can’t wait to try out the molds I bought.

Keeping my kiln warm,



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