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As I mentioned, this month my blogs will focus on Creative Paradise Inc (CPI) Molds. I wrote my first blog on jewelry molds including simple cast molds, holey molds, and hollow holey molds.

CPI has so many different fused glass jewelry molds. One of my new CPI fused glass molds is this cool ones is this dog tag mold with love written in it. I was so excited the first time I made it and used purple glass.  Except I made one mistake, I made it opal instead of transparent. So you can’t see the LOVE or it’s backwards. Luckily I made another one in clear and red. This will work perfectly as long as the LOVE is a dark opal and the dog tag needs to be transparent lighter than the LOVE! so much fun!






Another mold that has a design in the bottom and I still has not mastered is the cameo. They are beautiful but if you look closely I didn’t put quite enough powder in for the profile. I’ll keep trying this one because it’s so pretty.






Another of my new fancy CPI fused glass jewelry molds is the key mold. I love this one but it’s a bit tricky too.  The first time I used it I didn’t put quite enough glass in and it shrunk a bit. Still very cool and a great mold so I did it again and and they are perfect!











The last fused glass CPI jewelry mold I wanted to show off is the bib pendant.  It’s a great mold and has lots of possibilities.







I have so many other fused glass CPI jewelry molds, they are so addicting and so much fun to use. I love making them different colors!

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