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I am a believer in giving back. I’ve donated fused glass pendants and other artwork to various charities. As anyone who talks to me or reads my newsletter knows I love Westcliffe. There is a place in Westcliffe that is a sanctuary for wolves. I’m not the best to donate physical labor, but I want to donate some glass to help them make additional cash. Mission wolf is an amazing place. During June’s DYK I showed off some of the fused glass magnets (here they are again) I made for Mission Wolf.

However I didn’t stop at magnets. I made them some small dishes that can be used for soap, spoon rests, artwork, jewelry, etc.

I also made a fused glass nightlight for them.

I also made two beautiful little art pieces that come with little stands.

Of course, I didn’t stop with fused glass. Just like with the train ornaments, I also screen-printed and wood-burned some wooden ornaments for them. Again, just like with the train ornaments I can’t really tell the difference between screen-printed and wood-burned. This group is wood-burned, one tell tell sign of woodburning is the sap you can see come out on 3 of them and another way is on the first picture you can see the rings through the black – that shows it’s wood-burned.

The wooden ornaments below are screen-printed. Notice there are no sap bleed throughs. Additionally, you can see how black the pieces are, and additionally I screen-printed on the back as well.

I’ll let you know when I give Mission Wolf the gifts and let you know if they like them.

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