Metal and Glass Fruit Bowl

One of my Fused Glass goals for 2020 and 2021 was to use the glass and findings that I have on hand. Yes my name is Karen and I tend to buy glass and findings then like them so much I don’t want to use them. I know it’s ridiculous! Anyway this year I was organizing and found this great metal fruit bowl that I’ve been wanting to make a glass bottom for.

Anyway I made a couple of beautiful glass bottoms. Ironically it’s glass that I didn’t want to use because I think it’s so unique and amazing. This is a specialty glass with red, white, blue, and a bit of pink.

Because I only have one bowl and wanted to give options I also made this beautiful blue bottom as well. Sky chose the blue and I chose the red. I’m thinking about making a couple more but only if people are interested.

I’m really curious what y’all think about merging glass and metal. I love all the wonderful things I can do with glass. Here are the bottoms side by side.

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