Memorial Fused Glass

Last month I received an email from a beautiful young lady who recently lost her husband. Her story really touched my heart, such a tragedy. She wanted to know if I could make a fused glass memorial pendant for her and another one for her sister-in-law.  She also asked me to make a pocket memorial for her father-in-law.  First let me say I find it a privilege to be asked to make fused glass memorial pieces for people who lost their loved ones. The top two pictures show the front and back of the pendants the bottom two pictures are the pocket memorial.

I work very close with her. We picked out the glass and the bails. 
We worked together until we made them just right. It was such an honor making these important memory fused glass pieces for her and her family

Btw when she sent me her husband’s ashes she also sent me a picture of them together. While I was making her memorial pieces I had the picture on my work table. It helped me focus on them and I thought of them while I was making the pieces. She sent me another picture and I was able to put the picture on one of the pieces that didn’t have the heart design we want as a pocket memory for her.

Creating fused glass memorial pieces are a labor of love for me. I appreciate the trust it takes to send someone you don’t know your loved ones ashes and believe they will treat them with the respect they deserve.
Thank you for allowing me to create something so precious for you. As a present I sent her the this beautiful memorial piece.

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