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Every month I do a review on a book, video, Webinar, etc regarding fused glass or anything connected to fused glass. In March I wrote a review about the Webinar Wednesday club through Ceramic Arts. The review I did in Fused Glass Webinar Review was about iridized glass by Cara, this one is about Fused Glass Flowers by Cara, which was a lot more complicated. This is not my first introduction to fused glass flowers. A while back I read a book about fused glass flowers and I wrote a review  for it, but I didn’t really think it was a very good book.

What I loved about Cara’s Fused Glass Flower’s webinar was she explained the process extremely well. Plus, her fused glass flowers were beautiful. She also explained the different molds that can be used to create fused glass flowers, both molds specifically made to make the flowers and other molds (not normally used for flowers) that can be used to shape the flowers.

All of Cara’s webinars are really great and she is so friendly. I’ve emailed Cara a couple times and she’s quick to respond and even included something I asked her about in one of her webinars. Bottom-line, is I really like Cara and all her webinars through Ceramic Arts; the webinars are perfect for all types of fusers. Moreover Scott, one of the owners of Ceramic Arts, is very responsive to my requests and changed me from the only glass category to include ceramics. Anytime I’ve had a question he’s so quick to respond and help.

As I mentioned in my last review Ceramic Arts Wednesday Webinars are $16.95 if you are a club member. The nice thing is they aren’t every week so it’s really not too expensive. Plus as I mentioned before they have over 200 videos that you can watch anytime.

I’ll be completely honest with you, I really enjoy these webinars and am constantly counting down until Cara and Erica have their webinars, both ladies are very inspiring! Additionally Michael (a ceramic artist) is amazing I don’t do ceramics, but I love watching him create. The other thing I love about all of these artists is they include their families in the filming and answering questions during the webinars. It just makes each webinar even more fun.

Hopefully no matter what you love to do you expand it by learning more and get inspired by others that share your love!!!

If you would like to see some of my fused glass work or more of my reviews please refer to my website Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.

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