March’s Fused Glass Pendant Cast Molds

Fused Glass Casted Holey Pendants
Fused Glass Casted Holey Pendants











In keeping with my new rule of writing a blog about my many fused glass molds I picked up 3 new fused glass casting molds this week. I talked a little about casting in January’s doggy bowl blog because the doggy paw were casted and in February a part of the fused glass pot melts was that they melted into cast molds.

Fused Glass Holey Clover Pendant mold
Fused Glass Holey Clover Holey Pendant


Fused Glass Holey Hollow Heart Pendant
Fused Glass Holey Hollow Heart Pendant








My new molds are cool because two the Clover Holey Pendant mold and the Holey Hollow Heart Mold create light and elegant pendants even though they are relativity large because they are hollow in the center.

Fused Glass Holey Rhombus Pendant mold
Fused Glass Holey Rhombus Pendant










The Rhombus pendant mold is also great because instead of drilling a hole like I did for the casted pendants for February with the pot melts, the hole is built in which makes creating it a little simpler.

Cast molds are used with little pieces of glass called frit. Frit comes in different sizes: powder, fine, medium and coarse.  Frit comes in all colors including dichroic. Additionally instead of using pre-made frit I could have take sheet glass and chopped it up by hand and used it in the cast molds, albeit I must admit it can be a little hard on my hands (chopping it with nippers) so I used pre-made frit.

For all three of March’s fused glass pendants I used all four sizes of frit. With all three of these fused glass pendants I made them a little transparent which is really great, because they will pick up the colors of your clothes so it’s like they change with whatever you where.  There are so many great things about these types of fused glass pendants. One is if you have metal allergies, they are worn with a satin or leather cord by making a slip knot and no metal bail!  Another is they can be used front or back – because both sides are beautiful!

I can create these beautiful holey fused glass pendants in any color!

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