March – Fused Glass Fresh From the Kiln

Iridized fused glass platter with bird and flower design
Iridized fused glass platter with bird and flower design










March’s Fresh From the Kiln is based on this month’s fused glass review.  I wrote a my fused glass review blog about one of Webinar Wednesday’s club Fused Glass Artist’s Cara. I enjoy her videos. But the video I blogged about was about iridized glass. Ever since I watched Bullseye’s video on iridized glass the technique has been on my list of fused glass techniques to try.

So I picked a stencil with a bird and leaves (I live in Colorado and I’m tired of winter), then I gathered and cut three types of iridized glass. Both the top and bottom of the platter are actually textured iridized but when full fused there the texture goes away but the design remains.  It’s a relatively simple project but the glass makes it elegant. I enjoyed the process and I think it looks beautiful – perfect for spring.

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