Making a Gourd

I’ve mentioned my friend Merle several times. She’s an amazing Gourd artist. Below are the gourds I’ve gotten from her. The big one is one she made specifically for me the other I traded with her at an art show.

She’s taken a few glass classes from me and the last time she took a class I asked her if I could take a gourd class from her. This past weekend I took that class, she is so talented. Here is part of her studio, she has another section out in her garage. The last 2 pictures are of her jewelry, absolutely stunning!

We chose the gourd and then she cut off the top and got the seed out (that took the longest time)! She also showed me how to draw a wood burned line around the gourd. We also cleaned up the top.

Below is my gourd, the top of my gourd, and she gave me an extra top. I found them beautiful just the way they are. Merle also taught me a lot about gourds in general. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the bells, but when I decide I’ll do a post about them.

I liked the gourd on the right and wanted to make a similar one. We painted it with special inks. I also wanted holes so I could add glass (I know you aren’t surprised by that).

We used flakes. She had such a selection of flakes, so beautiful. I’m cleaning out the wood burned line from the flakes. I know it looks like she did all of it, but I did do some of it! 😉

Merle sealed my gourd for me. She has everything to make the prettiest gourds I’ve ever seen.

I added some dichroic fused glass dots to my gourd. My intent for my gourd is to look like my beautiful Westcliffe, the mountains and stars. I’m extremely happy with it, I think it’s beautiful.

Thank you, Merle, for teaching me how you make your stunning gourds. So much work goes into these magnificent pieces of art. BTW she also fed me and Linda a wonderful lunch.

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