Kiln repair

This is a little bit of a different blog. Normally I blog about the beautiful glass I make. Well I had a had a rough couple of issues with my kilns recently.  My little kiln’s relay went out, right when I was working some some key pieces. The relay is what makes the kiln work and there is no warning it just stops!

So when this happens you have to just order another one then you take the kiln apart and replace the relay. Luckily on the small kiln it’s relatively easy just unhook the other one and hook the new one.





Luckily once the relay is fixed it’s good to go! My little kiln needs it’s relay replaced once every year and a half so it’s not too bad.

Ironically just a couple weeks later my big kiln wouldn’t get up to temperature so after checking I found out the relay went out too. The thing I didn’t know is there are 3 relays. When I called the company they told me to take it to 1000 degrees and then open it and see what elements weren’t working then use the map to figure out which relay went out. Luckily for me it was only one relay, of course it was the middle one. Yep there are 3 relays in the mix of wires.





Of course this was so not a good time, I have 2 commercial orders and my pieces for my monthly blogs. Very bad timing. Oh and did I mention it was right before I left for my trip, so not good. But I was able to get it changed out and do a test batch to make sure my kiln was ok. I’m still behind in my work but at least both my kilns are functioning properly now.

Yep working with kilns isn’t all about fun making glass it’s maintaining the kilns!

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Keeping my Kiln warm,
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