July’s Fused Glass Mold – Sun

I love my molds – I’m pretty addicted to them.  Which is why I’m using a mold each month, that I haven’t used before, and posting a blog to show it off. I especially love the textures. So July’s Fused Glass Mold is a Sun.

One place I get my molds/textures from is BK pottery. Laurie (like Paul) makes her own molds which I think its pretty special. Anyway, I’ve ordered numerous molds from Laurie one of which is the sun. This particular mold is made to put glass frit into the impressions then to add sheet glass on top and fire. Which I did. I also added powder to the back glass to give it a little more color. I think it turned out really well. I’ll have to fire it one more time to to smooth the edges, hopefully I won’t screw up the texture. It’s so pretty and the texture is perfect.

Fused Glass Sun - back
Fused Glass Sun – back
Fused Glass Sun - Front
Fused Glass Sun – Front







I hope you like the piece as much as I do.

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