June in Westcliffe, Colorado

It’s been a few months since I visited Westcliffe so I really needed this trip. We did a bit of our normal routine including visiting the properties, going to the bakery, etc. This time we stayed at Dark Sky Suites. It’s ok, but for the price I expect a bit more than a plain room.

Across from the hotel is the Train Museum. I think it’s so cool, I’ve been wanting to go inside the museum but it was closed. But I love taking pictures of the outside. The bottom 3 pictures are actually the depot that is on main street. I liked that they lined up.

After going to the train museum then I walked around the town. I love this little town. BTW I also saw a skunk in town. Luckily I didn’t get too close.

Here are some of my photos from the bluff. It was such a pretty day.

We love just taking various drives, so on this trip we found this road with beautiful views and it had a marker showing Zebulun Pike took this route as well. I think that’s so cool.

We stopped by the Dutch pantry and deli, wow it was fabulous. A great Sandwich and very cool products. Definitely not our last time going to this wonderful deli and store.

We also stopped by the Westcliffe Farmers Market. I bought a few handmade items. I love going to local markets.

I love Westcliffe. I can’t wait to go back and I hope the flowers will be out for my next visit.

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