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Paul Tarlow's Ebook
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When fused glass artists create glass pieces, whether it’s jewelry or art pieces, there is a lot of what we call “scrap” or leftover glass. Moreover, sometimes when we create fused glass pieces some of the pieces don’t turn out quite as well as we would like. So do we just throw the leftovers and the not perfect pieces out? No! As a one of the great fuse glass artists said “Never refuse to refuse”.  It’s one of the many things I love about glass, it can be refused and made into other things.

The question is what can be made from the “scrap” glass. Actually a myriad of things. The ebooks I’m reviewing in this blog are about various projects using scrap glass.

First a little background. Paul Tarlow’s has written several ebooks (I own them all of course) albeit, this review is about two of his ebooks “Waste Not! Fused Glass Projects Using Scrap Glass 1 & 2”. These ebooks are well written with at least 5 projects (not counting the variations) in each ebook and lots of pictures, details on the techniques, and firing schedules. The projects listed in these ebooks are extraordinary and use only scrap albeit you’d never know just by looking at the finished pieces. Some of the fused glass projects are pretty complex and others are relatively simple yet elegant.
Most tutorials don’t discuss how to use scrap glass so having ebooks dedicated to using scrap glass in unique ways is a wonderful thing. Needless to say Paul’s ebooks are reasonably priced and perfect for all levels of fusers. If you don’t have them I highly recommend them.

As Paul says “the scraps or misc pieces make beautiful pieces and glass is expensive so it’s good reuse glass and make new beautiful pieces”.

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