July’s Fused Glass Birthstone – Ruby

July's Birthstone - Ruby
Fused Glass Ruby’s








My Fused Glass Birthstone – Ruby. Ruby is also the gemstone for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. It’s similar to my garnet, albeit I made my fused glass Ruby more transparent red.

According to my research including American Gem Society, the name (Ruby) comes from the Latin word ruber, for red. Rubies range in color from orangish-red, purplish-red, pink to red however; the most prized rubies are red in color. Ruby is rare and one of the most valuable gemstones in nature. Fine rubies are rarer than high quality diamonds. They are more expensive, maybe because red symbolizes strong passions. Ruby is a variety of corundum. It is harder than other gemstones except diamond (Mohs scale hardness: 9). Rubies are said to enhance health, wisdom, wealth, and success in love.

Almost all rubies have flaws, approximately 90% of rubies of today’s market undergo heat treatment, a permanent process widely accepted by the gem trade. Dyes are another method to intensify the color of rubies.

It is believed rubies have special properties:

· Brings happiness in a relationship

· Cure erectile dysfunction

· Make people stronger

· Expand friendships

· To guard wearer’s wealth

· Protect the wearer from bad or negative influences

How to care for Rubies:

Rubies are hard and relatively easy to care for. However, do not wear a ruby while doing rough work or are using harsh chemicals. Rubies should be stored in a fabric-lined box, away from other pieces of jewelry, as they may scratch other, softer gemstones. Use soapy water and a brush or a commercial jewelry cleanser to clean rubies. After cleaning a ruby rinse the stone thoroughly and dry it.

As I mentioned in my initial newsletter regarding fused glass birthstones there are many advantages of fused glass over typical gemstones is Fused Glass is less expensive, more durable (than some birthstones), and can be bigger than typical gemstones. Fused Glass faux birthstones can also be made into other items besides jewelry i.e., wine stopper, purse hanger, key chain, etc. Email me (fused_elegance@yahoo.com) if you would like a Fused Glass Ruby Birthstone.

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