July Fresh out of the Kiln – Fused Glass Bowl






This one of my newest Fused Glass Bowls.  I love how the pink, white, green, and purple swirl together. I also like the groves that the mold had that transferred to the Bowl when I slumped it. It’s simple yet elegant Fused Glass Bowl. I also made soap dishes and votive out of this glass. It’s a special Art Glass that I fell in love. I also obtained several other pieces of specialty glass and am in the process of making other bowls, votives, night lights, and soap dishes. Let me know what you would like me to make out of this special glass.  As normal this is not on my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen site yet so if you’d like this Fused Glass Bowl please email me at elegantfusedglass@gmail.com

Keeping my kiln warm,


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