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Fused Glass - Fresh from the Kiln, January
Fused Glass – Fresh from the Kiln, January

For those of you who receive my fused glass newsletters you know that I have a section each month called Fresh From the Kiln. In the past I have not posted a blog about my Fresh From the Kiln pieces. However, I thought I would so I can give a little more in-depth information on the fused glass piece highlighted and provide access via my blogs.

Anyway, my Fused Glass Fresh From The Kiln for January is a lovely platter with dark purple flowers on a blue background.  The technique is called crackle and I learned it from Tanya during one of her boot camp classes.  The reasons why I picked this fused glass platter for this month Fresh From the Kiln is one, I love this technique it’s one of my favorites, it is very organic and the texture is incredible.  If you have never seen fused glass crackle technique you are missing out. The first crackle plate I made I still have but I just couldn’t stop touching it, which really freaked my husband and daughter out. The 2nd and3rd sold as soon as I made them; another is in the Boulder Street gallery. Bottom line is they are so gorgeous you have to see them to understand just how beautiful.

The second and most important reason is I was with my good friend Diane. On Friday my daughter and I drove up to Ft Collins and my wonderful friend’s house. I’ve spoken about Diane many times, we met in a fused glass class (Tanya’s) then once we realized how close we lived to one another we decided to take other classes (David’s, Anne’s, more of Tanya’s, etc) and more importantly we became friends. I’ve been to her house several times and she has been to mine to have fused glass parties. Normally we like kill ourselves making as much glass as we can but this trip was different. It’s been several months since we’ve seen one another and we just wanted to have a little fun with glass and spend time with one another.

That being said we made some great fused glass pieces that I will be showing off soon. We created 2 pot melts, 2 screen melts, a bubble plate, a crackle, and 6 different part sheets plates. (Did I mention Diane has a big kiln?)  Oh and I had a boil in my kiln so lots of fun fused glass parts to play with. 🙂

**As an added bonus we watched the Denver Bronco’s win and move on to the Super Bowl! Now I’m not a big football fan but even I know that’s pretty cool!**

One last thing, I’m sure most people are thinking; you are both fused glass artists in Colorado aren’t you competitors? I guess you can look at it that way but we don’t. Fused Glass is kind of an addiction and we can overwhelm people who don’t know much about fused glass with the details. So having someone to share ideas, bounce thoughts, discuss techniques, firing schedules, and just create together is so much fun!

I highly recommend sharing, no matter what your passion is; fused glass, books, gardening, etc., it’s so much better when you can share your passion with a friend or even a forum or facebook group.

Hopefully you like this fresh from the kiln. Our fused glass newsletter will be published tomorrow.

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Keeping my kiln warm.


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