It’s Time to Change the Relay in my Baby Kiln

I like to do posts anytime I change the kiln’s relay. First because it helps me track how often I do change them. Second reason is because it shows you that it’s not all fun and games. I have 5 kilns, but I use my baby kiln the most, so it’s natural that I change the small kiln’s relay the most often. Dan is so sweet to help me change the relay. First, he unplugs the kiln then takes the plug out and then turns the kiln on its side.

The relay for this kiln is on the bottom of the kiln so he takes the bottom plate off. There you can see the relay on the bottom plate of the kiln.

Here you see Dan taking of the wires off the relay then putting the wires on the new relay.

Time to close up the kiln. It’s actually pretty quick with two of us doing it.

Kiln is all plugged in and now all we did was turn it back on and put the first load in the kiln. The glass fired perfectly.

Creating glass is not all just about making glass, you also have to keep your equipment working properly. Fun, Fun.

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Keeping my kiln warm,


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