It’s Relay Changing Time Again

I’ve been tracking how often my kilns require their relays change. For my big evenheat kiln it’s been a bit over a year and of course it’s that time again. It was kind of interesting this time, I fired a schedule I’ve used numerous times, but it had an error. Luckily for me it was at the end after annealing so it didn’t damage anything. When I put the new load in, this time it didn’t even get to the top temperature and showed an E-1 error code. So, I knew I had a bad relay.

BTW when I say I changed the relays, I really mean my amazing husband changed the relays. It only took 1/2 hr this time. He’s getting much better at it and didn’t even cuss as much as he normally does.

I just checked the kiln and it’s clicking up just fine. Yeah! I’m so glad, only a year until the next time we will need to change them.

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Keeping my kiln warm,


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