It happened again, Broken Aspens

During my Woodland Park show. A wonderful customer bought my multi season fused glass aspens. Sadly before she got it home it was dropped and broke. As I’ve mentioned in the past. If someone buys a large fused glass piece from me and they break it (within a couple of months) I will refuse it into something else.

As I said, this is not the norm for fused glass artists. Typically, it’s the concept if you break it that’s your issue. But I want to show my gratitude so I do this as a special favor.

Anyway, when she brought it back it was really smashed so I made two different types of bowls. One where you can still see the aspens, owls, and moon.

aspen1 aspen 2





But since I make the dish for free I typically make a second one to sell, so I can recoup a little of my time and costs. So I made the below. I’m not a big fan of yellow even though it reminds me of the sun and I’m from Florida so I love the sun.  Anyway I digress. I love this one too. It’s so amazing and has such depth. I love it, especially the edges!

aspen sm1 aspen sm3






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