Inclusions in Fused Glass

I thought I’d make some small fused glass pieces with inclusions. This first group is special mica pieces I purchased from a fellow artist. Some I cut out e.g., hearts, and some she cut out like the cogs. The ones that are transparent can be pocket charms or I can drill holes in. The fused glass pieces that are opaque can be turned into pendants, key chains, etc.

This group of fused glass pieces are made with mica. I purchased the mica with from a fellow artist. Some I was able to thin out the mica and it then it fires great. If it’s too thick it can cause a bubble. You have to fire it in-between glass other wise it can rub off like the top right blue.

These three fused glass hearts below are made with copper, I find it fascinating how the copper changes colors. I used hole punches for the hearts.

The three fused glass pieces below are made with silver foil, I love how it reacts and can look gold with some glass and with sulfur glass has the little outline.

The fused glass pieces below are made with painted fusible paper, I love it because you can cut it any any shape and they fire perfectly.

Here are some of the pieces prior to fusing. Which is your favorite inclusion; mica, fusible paper, silver, copper, or special mica?

The inclusions don’t have to be just used in pendants, here are pictures of small fused glass dishes I made with the paper inclusions.

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