I’m up for the 30 fused glass powders in 30 days challenge.

Day 1 of 30 day






Ok this is a little bit of a different type of blog but I couldn’t help it. Since it’s a new year I wanted to do something I haven’t done before. So I have take on the challenge of 30 powders in 30 days.
We are creating pictures with glass powder and sheet glass. I’ve done powder pictures before mainly with stencils or screen printing because I’m not very good at drawing. I also use powder and various sizes of frits and sheet glass like I do with my aspends . I live in Colorado so I love the mountains and wanted to draw some mountains.
Sadly I didn’t read all of the instructions and I was suppose to just use my fingers! Needless to say I use more than my fingers. So next time I’ll use my fingers! This time I used a razor blade and a couple of other tools I found on my work table. I used french vanilla for my base and black powder.
Just because we draw something doesn’t mean have to fire it. I didn’t fire this one I just want to get better and take pictures.
This Challenge is going to be so much fun. I’ll let you know which ones I’ll fire but if you want to see my progress you can checkout my 30 powders in 30 days blog.

My goal is to just get better at drawing so I can create fused glass pictures with just glass powder.  Wish me luck.


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